Advertising is good for both of us

I do not believe in just creating a website with mostly advertising and a little bit of content. I want content and a “little” bit of advertising.

My favorite advertiser, Hotwire, is good for the reader / customer and the website that you click through. You the customer get a great deal on a top quality hotel room or travel arrangements. The website gets a few cents to help cover costs.

I personally use Hotwire for my Hotel reservations. I have stayed at 4 star hotels like the Wyndham and Hilton and paid as little as $60 for a room with a rack rate of $219. They really do live up to the tag line of 4 star hotels at 2 star prices. Sure, you only know what class of hotel and what area you will be in until after you pay – but when you find out you go – YES. It’s exciting and prudent at the same time.

If you run a site and are interested in adding Hotwire of something similar, click this to go to Yes, I get a referral fee for the link. Thank You.

If you just want to get a good deal on travel – search

Hotel: 4-star hotels, 2-star prices (468x60 v2)

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